Kim’s Books

Kim’s books include her latest:-

Nature’s Hearts– Plant photographs throughout the year, showing hidden heart shapes to inspire your nature walks.

            A suitable gift for all ages, at any time of year.

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Coming soon…

Bertie & Bettie Bee– a picture book about the lifecycle of the humble, bumble bee- re-told as a love story.

Kim's Books

Coming soon in the Bertie and Bettie series:-

                                         The Ladybird that Lost her Spots

                                          The Spider that Couldn’t Spin

                                           The Wasp that lost his Stripes

Also Coming soon:-

‘Once Upon a Wildflower’  Eco fairytales for the world A series of picture books for young children, including the following titles:-

The U.K. series:- Smart Alix, Bright Bovis, Clever Clovis, Dazzling Dylan, Expert Esme, Fantastic Felix, Gorgeous Gwenever, Heroic Henry.

The U.S.A. series:- Joyful Jodie, King Kylo, Lucky Leon, Magnificent Mikey, Noble Neve, Proud Polly, Outstanding Ollie, Quaint Quentin.



Kim Mackenzy Andrews

Kim is a children’s author, nature writer, photographer and artist. Kim is a patch reporter for the BBC wildlife magazine. Find her nature books for children at

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