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Grow Wildflowers with Kids

Tips for success:-

Grow Wildflowers with Kids

wildflowers kids

Tuning in the everyday beauty of nature helps connect us more deeply to the natural world.

As our appreciation of natural beauty increases, so does our happiness. Nature can restore us and help balance our emotions. 

Growing wildflowers with children is a great way to help them spend time with nature. Here are some top tips to help you successfully grow wildflowers with kids.

Kids' gardening tools

kids gardening

For very young children, buy them their own gloves and tools to suit their size. Their tools need to be small enough that they handle them easily. Get the best quality you can afford as their tools need to allow them to be effective at digging and scraping soil. Watering cans needs to be light enough for children to easily lift when full. 

Their own patch

grow wildflowers with kids

Try to find a space that your child can call their own. Even a tub or window box will be enough. When they take ownership of their own little wildflower patch, it can really help children to engage and maintain interest over a longer time span.

What to grow

wildflower bulbs

Use easy growing wildflowers to show quick results. Sow some annual seeds in the spring and summer. You could try chamomile, poppies and marigolds for a colourful display. 

Wildflower bulbs are also an excellent choice for children to plant in the autumn or spring. They are easy to handle by small hands and give reliable results. Good choices are wild daffodils, snakeshead fritillary, and summer snowflakes.


grow wildflowers with kids

Enjoy planting your wildflowers. Watch them grow and try measuring them or recording them with drawings and photographs. 

Don’t forget to notice all the insects and pollinators that they attract. 

 Kim Mackenzy Andrews is a writer, artist and photographer.

Kim Mackenzy Andrews - Childrens Author

Kim Mackenzy Andrews


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