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Which wildflowers can I pick?

12 Abundant Wildflowers that can be picked without posing a threat:-

In recent years, picking wildflowers has generally become out of bounds and this childhood enjoyment of wildflowers has disappeared out of our lives. But the charity ‘Plantlife U.K.’ has a code of conduct which lists 12 abundant species of wildflowers that can be picked without posing any threat.

1/ Daisy


2/ Dandelion


3/ Primrose


4/ Common Dog Violet

dog violet

5/ Greater Stitchwort

Greater Stitchwort

6/ Cow Parsley

Cow Parsley

7/ Yarrow


8/ Common Knapweed


9/ Oxeye Daisy

Oxeye daisy

10/ Red Campion

Red Campion

11/ Meadowsweet


12/ Meadow Buttercup

meadow buttercup

Enjoy your wildflower studies but do take an ID book or use an app to check your wildflower before picking any. There are often several similar looking types of wildflower and so details such as the leaves and stems need to be studied to be sure of which you are looking at. If in any doubt about the identity of your wildflower then play it safe and leave it undisturbed.


Kim Mackenzy Andrews is a writer, artist and photographer.

Kim Mackenzy Andrews - Childrens Author

Kim Mackenzy Andrews


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