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Why are wildflowers important? (click to read…)


Thyme Why are wildflowers important?

We find it relatively easy to feel passionate about some of the miserable experiences and conditions that humankind suffers all over the world. We get upset about many injustices and tragedies. In addition, we can feel distressed about the suffering or the threats to the survival of animals in the world.

But we can quite understandably overlook the predicament of wildflowers – This is easy to do, particularly because not many people even realise why they are important. But this may mean we are sleepwalking into a disaster for the world.

All plants play a vital role on our planet: – here are some of the many reasons why.

red planet Why are wildflowers important?

Beautiful landscapes and human wellbeing are closely linked.

Can you imagine how the earth may look if there were no plants?  Currently, forests, meadows, highlands, and lowlands are filled with diverse vegetation which beautifies those landscapes.

tree Why are wildflowers important?

Improving Air Quality.

Wildflowers help the air quality of our planet.  Plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen by a process called photosynthesis.  Having plenty of vegetation around ensures we have enough clean air to breathe as it goes through this filtering process.

Waterscape Why are wildflowers important?

Improving Water Quality.

Plants play an important role in the quality of our water.  When water passes through plants and vegetation it is filtered by them. This removes many pollutants. Plants also increase water clarity as they reducing soil erosion. Plant roots can help to hold the soil, sand, and gravel beneath them in their place.

Improving the Weather.

Plants also influence our weather.  Having plenty of trees and plants including wildflowers can moderate climates.  Many droughts happen in places that are devoid of vegetation. Areas without forests record more droughts than elsewhere.

Weather Why are wildflowers important?


In our town and cities, we may find wildflowers, deliberately planted along the roadsides and verges.  By understanding the reasons why this is a good idea, we can encourage and support to ensure this practice continues and develops more widely.

We can all do our bit to help further as by planting wildflowers in your own garden or window-box as in this way both plant and animal diversity is increased. Wildflowers also help wildlife, giving them a place to hide and stay. They are a good, natural food source for many insects, birds, and animals.  In turn, these creatures will pollinate the plants and eat them. Helping to spread seeds by dispersing them naturally.

Happy Wildflower Gardening!



 Kim Mackenzy Andrews is a writer, artist and photographer.

Kim Mackenzy Andrews - Childrens Author

 Kim Mackenzy Andrews


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